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Add Products Manually

From your seller dashboard head to Products > All Products > Add Product

Product Details

Choose Product: Normal or Digital
Product Name: 
Name Your Product
Product Type: 
Fashion, Art, Home, Self-Care or Fundraiser
Description:  Add a description
Product Tags: add appropriate product tags to help define your category

Shipping Details

Weight Unit: defaults to Ounce (oz)
Weight: Minimum weight is 1oz
Shipping Method: Marketplace Shipping

Pricing Details

Price: Enter the current price for your item
Compare at Price: Enter a price here to "show" this item is currently being discounted

Inventory Details

Sku: for your own tracking purposes, not required
Barcode: for your own tracking purposes, not required
Track This Product's Inventory: defaults to YES
Quantity: enter the quantity you have on hand or are wanting to sell on Rise
Allow customer's to purchase when out of stock: select yes or no 

Variant Details

Add variations of your product

Custom Options

Add custom options for customers to select

Product Image

Upload a high resolution image under 15MB

Product Additional Details

Product Handle: Your-Awesome-Product

Title Tag Meta Field: Your Awesome Product made by You
Description Tag Meta Field: 
Your Awesome Product made by You and the coolest thing about it. For google!

"SAVE CHANGES" to create your product and edit it afterwards!