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Sync Etsy with Rise Market

Create an API & Secret Key from your Etsy Account?

From the "Developers Home" page you'll select create a new app and fill out the required information. 

1. Name: Rise Market Connect
Describe your application: Connects to Rise Market
Who will be the users of this application? Just myself or colleagues
Is your application commercial? No
Will your app do any of the following?
Check yes 
Upload or edit listings
Check yes 
Read sales data
Check yes 
Send email

2. Create a new app then view your details!

3. Enter your Etsy Shop Nome, API Keystring and Shared Secret into Configuration > SYNC Etsy on your sellers dashboard and SAVE

*** Can't find your Etsy shop name?

4. Import your products


  • Only Physical products can be imported from Etsy to Rise Market
  • Variations should be less than OR equal to 100.
  • The option name should be less than OR equal to 3.
  • Imported Products will not be updated automatically at Rise Market
  • Orders placed on Etsy needs to be imported manually to Rise Market
  • 100 Orders will be imported by selecting “Order Status” and the rest of the orders will be imported by “receipt IDs”.